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Creating the Perfect Sound


2Twenty2 Studio is the premier destination for musicians and clients in the Nashville area and beyond. Lee provides a wide range of services from personal to commercial, specializing in Sound Engineering, Mixing, and Music Production. 



Lee will bring in players and singers to help enhance your project and guide you through the entire recording process. You have the option of full band tracking, up to six musicians, and a singer at your session; giving your project the robust sound it needs. With strong attention to detail, your vocal will be fine-tuned to ensure it stands up to industry standards. 



Your project deserves its own unique sound. Let Lee J. Turner take your songs to the next level with polished, edited, and real piano/Hammond B3 tracks incorporated. Lee also specializes in string arrangements and synth sounds. All sounds and sessions are customizable to your project needs.

Keyboard Tracks


The goal of any studio session is to help you grow as an artist, musician, and industry professional. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a beginner, Lee’s 26 years of experience will bring valuable insight to every session.


Lee also offers Logic Pro X lessons for those looking to streamline and improve workflow.

Virtual Recording

Inside S.C.O.R.E.


S.C.O.R.E. is a methodology that Lee has developed and fine-tuned over the years. These five principles are standard when it comes to recording at 2Twenty2 Studio.

S.tandards of the Industry

Your song will leave the studio at an industry-expected level of excellence. 

C.oaching and Collaboration

From beginning to end, you will be guided through the recording process using industry experience and collaboration to ensure your project meets your vision.

O.rganization of Budget and Team

Record with ease knowing that 2Twenty2 Studio will orchestrate and manage all of your project details.

R.esources and Connections

Each session will include top-quality musicians and singers, hand-selected to fit your project. After completion, you’ll be connected with industry professionals to help you take the next step.

E.xperience of a Veteran Artist

With more than 26 years of music industry experience, Lee will bring his vast experience and knowledge to your session. 

Let's create something amazing together.
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