“I help artists create music that exceeds the expectations of their own talent”

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Lee Turner

More than a producer or director, Lee Turner is a guide into and around the professional music industry. He is a counselor, coach, and collaborator, committed to helping his artists' visions come to life - the creators’ friend to everyone who walks in his studio’s door.

What if?

Look, I know you want to make a great song/record. Oftentimes, I have clients come in and are afraid to make a mistake. You are worried about putting everything together - the budget, timing, musicians, equipment, and finished product. You are afraid that what is in your head does not translate into artistry that listeners/executives/publishers can appreciate.

What if I told you that between now and the time you hear your finished track, I will have helped you craft the best of your talents, pulled from your zone of musical genius, and called out of you the most you are capable of?

What if I told you that some of the best talent and musicianship was here to support you and uplift through this challenging process to make sure you came out on the other side with more than a great song, but a great experience?

What if I told you that you are not just a client, but you are a friend and fellow artist and that I will do everything in my power to make sure you make the best decisions for your song and your next steps?

What if you knew you were not alone in this, but had a guide to support and encourage you along the way? What if I could put together the timing, budget, and team of musicians that would help your project be beautifully recorded with world-class sonics, a fast turnaround, and a great attitude, would you say your investment would be worth it?
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We stand side by side with our clients because you need more than a recording. A good producer is a maestro that helps you hone your craft, who leads and guides you to effortlessly flow in your musical zone of genius.

S.C.O.R.E Methodology- what you get working with Lee Turner.

Standards of the Industry

We help you get your songs to the industry expected level of excellence - what publishers, artists, and listeners expect to hear.

Coaching and Collaboration

We will protect and guide you from beginning to end, using our years of experience to get you exactly what you need.

Organization of budget and team

We orchestrate and manage the team of musicians, budget needs, and fulfillment of a completed track or album.

Resources and Connections

We have top quality musicians and singers that will perfectly fit your project.  After your project is completed, we can provide contacts to some of the best in the industry for the next steps.

Experience of a Veteran Artist

We’ve spent more than 24 years in the music industry, working with 25 different recording artists, playing with Grammy winners and performing in arenas across the world.
the music


Recorded at 2twenty2 Studio
Produced by Lee Turner

* Some tracks co-produced, co-written
or mixed/mastered by other collaborators.

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From Our Clients

Darius Rucker
“Working with Lee has been everything and more that I need. He is beyond professional and quick. I know my vocals are gonna be great when I’m working with Lee”
Darius Rucker
Review Picture
“Lee’s ability to bring me into a session remotely is key in this ‘new normal’ ”
Ross Copperman
Joe and Martina
“I've been using Lee on my productions for a few years now and I know I can always count on him for beautifully recorded parts, fast turnaround and a great attitude. All the sessions I've had him play on were remote sessions and he always does a great job of capturing his parts, his B3 tone is THE BEST I've ever heard.”
Joe Costa
Producer/Artist - Joe & Martina
review picture
“2twenty2 perfectly encompasses Nashville, Tennessee; It’s a safe and friendly space that inspires creativity and music of all genres. Not only is Lee Turner a talented musician himself, but is also an incredible producer, director, and friend to everyone who walks in his door. It has been a blessing to work with Lee in the past. I can not recommend his studio enough! “
Hanna Kroh and Ella Fernandez
review picture
“Lee has one of the best upright piano sounds anywhere and the way he plays it is a perfect match.  As a producer, he treats the artists and musicians with such respect and creates an inspiring environment to create.  I highly recommend Lee Turner and 2twenty2studio.”
Jon conley
Guitarist - Kenny Chesney
“I absolutely loved working and recording at Lee’s place. All of the gear was finely curated, and the sonics we pulled out of the rooms were world class, even though sounds were pulled up quickly and seemingly effortlessly. What set the experience apart however was the love and kindness that pervaded the space. From the decor to the welcoming TN country surroundings, to Lee’s own warm and friendly personal energy, I had a 10 out of 10 experience and can’t wait to track there again.”
Kyle Whalum
Bassist - Kelly Clarkson/Katy Perry
review picture
“Working with Lee is like working with an old friend. A warm welcome! He is honest, passionate, driven & professional.”
Marly Rose
Dutch Recording Artist
review photo
In addition to being a producer and a master of the keyboard, Lee Turner is an artist and committed to helping other artists' visions come to life.  He brings his A game to everything he does.   It’s all about the music & the artist and he’s all in! … I am blessed to have found him!
Leanne Binder
Lee Turner is a can-do composer. I have him on speed dial for every project. He’s super positive, professional, and able to play any instrument needed on your composition or able to get top line studio musicians and singers if needed too. Lee is the right fit if you’re doing a trailer, TV commercial, documentary, or film. He can create any sound.
Stephen Readmond
Producer/Director - Los Angeles, CA
Lee Turner is a master at making beauty out of weird, songwriter-y instructions like, “can you make it sound like a sunrise?” And “I want to feel some movement like coming alive.” He’s got a producer's ear and technical skill but also has an artist's sensibility. He takes great care to serve both the song and the songwriter. I can’t wait to work on more songs with Lee!
Jenny Youngman
Worship Leader - Providence United Methodist Church
Mount Juliet, TN




We have an amazing Gretsch USA kit with a killer Craviotto, Black Beauty snare drums and two cymbal packages to choose from. Drummers love not having to set up or teardown.


Plug in and play thru a Universal Audio Solo 610.


Stocked with ValveTrain amps plugged in ready to rock. Cascade ribbon mics and these amps give you tone for days.


Both the Yamaha Upright Piano and Hammond B3 Organ (with Leslie) are mic’d up ready to track. Keyboards from Nord, Yamaha and Roland are plugged in ready to go.


In the vocal booth, you will find any one of these microphones to fit your voice: Neumann U87, Blue Kiwi, or the newest Slate microphone VMS ML-1 w/ Blackbird mic package. We also offer plenty of water, tea and coffee to get your vocal chords ready.

Headphone Mixes

We know how important it is to have great headphones, and we've been told we have some of the best headphone mixes. Good Headphone mixes + great performances = outstanding project.

Let’s Create Something Amazing Together.

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How can we help?

Creative Services

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Virtual Coaching

We want to show you how to grow as a person, artist, musician or producer by teaching you tricks of the trade. We’ve had mistakes, and have failed…so let us pull from 20+ years of experience in the business to help you succeed.  
We also are teaching Logic Pro X lessons. If you are a beginner looking to streamline and make your workflow easier and quicker, let us show you how.

Microphone Icon

Full band tracking. Up to 6 musicians and a singer all at the same time; saving you time and money while giving your songs the vibe they need. We will make sure your vocal is the best it can be with attention to every detail to make it stand up to industry standards.

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Keyboard Tracks

We would love to play on your project. Just send us your song - and we will lay down polished, edited, and amazing real piano/Hammond B3 tracks. We are also great at string arrangements and have synths to create any sound you may be dreaming of.

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